Thursday, January 31, 2019

New Meetup Group in Sacramento For Experiencing and Discussing The Arts

If you are in the Sacramento area and are interested in music, film, theater, dance, poetry, literature,
painting and sculpture - then this is for you.
Brandon Norgaard, Founder of the Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup is starting a group called
Sacramento Dilettantes and you are formally invited. The purpose of the group is to have great
discussions around cultural and artistic events in and around Sacramento.
You are invited! All you have to do is go to the Meetup site and click on join. That’s it.
If you have an idea of your own -- something involving music, art, dance, theater, etc., let us know.
And, if you are personally involved, e.g. musician or artist, tell us about your upcoming event here.
Please forward to a friend.
Note:  Sacramento Dilettantes is affiliated with The Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup,
GliderCell and HikeStorming (unofficially known as the Sacramento Intelligentsia).

Monday, March 05, 2018

Episode 4 of GliderCell -- UNDERemployment

Are you working in a job that has little to do with your actual talents, interests and abilities? Have you ever wondered what percentage of the population is like this, i.e. not being able to match their interests with being able to make a living and wondered why that is? Did you ever stop to think about the high level of human talent, intelligence and creativity that lays dormant in the world? Does there appear to be an invisible barrier that we don’t quite understand that prevents so many from rising up to positions where their efforts can make a difference?
That’s one way to look at “underemployment” and what it really means. It was also the topic of Episode 4 of GliderCell.
The setting for our discussion was a kitchen table with four well informed, creative thinkers and people of vision. These folks have found a way to combine their need to be creative and use their mental abilities with making a living and they had a lot to say, not only about underemployment, but about all of the other contributing factors.


Going clockwise from where I was seated at the table. 
Roderick Bedingfield is a modern day Renaissance man, finding connections between his love of Tango, creative thought and construction. He has studied graphic and fine arts, biology, business, building science and carpentry. His current work involves designing and building compact housing and “grid free infrastructure and buildings.” Contact Info. LinkedIn Profile
Afzal Rashid is the current Vice Chair of the Afghan Development Association an NGO working on integrated rural development projects in Afghanistan. Formerly, he was the Country Director for the International Development Law Organization of Afghanistan. He also worked as a Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan and, after moving to California, became Chief of Quality Assurance for the Mental Health Section with the State. He was also a main contributor to Speaking Afghan Pashto : the eastern Afghan dialect.
Brandon Norgaard is the founder of the Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Group and the author of the forthcoming book Seeking a More Enlightened Worldview. You can read more about his project at Brandon has a day job where he develops network management software, but he spends his nights and weekends working on his true passions: community organizing, reading, writing, and philosophizing.
Robert Freeman is the Founder, President and CEO OF An experienced Solutions Architect, Software Developer, and Systems Integrator, Mr. Freeman has worked with many consulting firms providing technical expertise to State of California government agencies and other companies utilizing the latest, largest, and most complex computer systems available. He is a futurist, technology leader, developer mentor, community contributor, and self-proclaimed Altruistic Nerd. He is also proficient in project management, process improvement, proposals, manufacturing, 3D modeling, graphics design, mechanical engineering, business analysis, philosophy, marketing, electrical engineering, and event coordination.
More interested in discussing than moderating, your host for the GliderCell Podcast, Lee Chazen.
Special thanks to our channel partner, Qualia (Use the code GLIDERCELL to get 10% off single month orders and 15% off of a subscription).
Also, thanks to show consultant Ed Mulder and producer, Ivan Juric.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Forward March By Pat Metheny: Funny, Yet Strangely Artistic

In 1984 The Pat Metheny Group figured out a way to turn what a 6th grade band sounds like into an art form. Funny & strangely artistic (no offense to 6th grade band students. I've been there before and I know your struggles).

Forward March by Pat Metheny Group

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Underemployment, Universal Basic Income & Game B

On the next GliderCell podcast, we'll be talking about Underemployment, Universal Basic Income and a concept known as Game B.

Some of the questions to be explored include: 
  1. What do we mean by underemployment?
  2. Why are the best ideas and solutions not rising to the top?
  3. How can people with good ideas, e.g. introverts and non-aggressive types be heard or convince others?
  4. Can you be too intelligent or creative for the type of economic system we have in place?
  5. Does a person have to quit all the interesting, fun and enjoyable things they once loved in order to be fully employed in our present economy? 
  6. Why is this so difficult? 
  7. Why do artists and other creative or visionary types seemingly have to suffer in order to pursue their passion?

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Nature of the Beast

Can corporate entities like Facebook, Google and cable news networks be trusted to inform the public with news and information? Are there some better solutions? 

The thought occurred to me earlier in the week that we are not correctly understanding the nature of our system, i.e. the coexistence of capitalism and democracy. This thought became apparent as I was posting a response on Facebook to an Ann Coulter thread — something I will get to later. But, it goes way beyond the topic of Ann Coulter or Liberal vs. Conservative and gets to the heart of the system itself. This is about capitalism and the role of a corporation. Specifically, we are hearing a lot lately about the social responsibility of companies like Facebook and Google. Many are calling on the Silicon Valley giants to do the right thing and to screen for fake news, hate speech and such. We also expect a lot from news sources like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, as we should.

But, here’s what I think people are missing. They are corporations and the sole purpose of a corporation is one thing: to make a profit. It’s the nature of the system. Do I believe that cable news is largely responsible for distorting our perception of the political system? Yes. Do I believe that Google and Facebook and other media outlets are dangerous to democracy because of their special abilities of making bad information or highly charged statements go viral? Absolutely. Do I think some of the algorithms in place at these companies are designed to reward the popular over the factual or meaningful? Yes again.
But, they are corporations. Crazy news gets viewers and the more viewers and the more “hits” something gets, the more ad revenue it generates. By all definitions of a corporation they are succeeding. Tying this into a discussion group I was a part of yesterday on the topic of psychopathy and sociopathy, these entities (Facebook, Google, Cable News, etc.) are not human. They lack empathy. If classified by the DSM, they might just meet the definition of a sociopath. That’s just the nature of capitalism.
So, my question to you is who is at fault here and how do we correct this? Is it Facebook, Google and cable news for not acting more like humans and showing more concern? Is it the government for not breaking up monopolies, or our citizenry, acting like a bunch of addicted automatons, blindly getting our news from the wrong places? 
Bringing this back to Ann Coulter, my advice in this thread was NOT to take the bait, because if you do, it’s no different than going back for another smoke. Emotions like anger, outrage and fear are only playing into the hands of a very destructive algorithm which will only serve to promote the very things we find disgusting.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Mobile Think Tank

Are you in a creativity rut? Tired of the same ideas, plans and programs? Want to twist, bend and merge things in new ways?

The GliderCell Podcast aims to disrupt things in significant ways. Whether it's technology, art, blockchain, music, society or philosophy, we'll get people to think about all the unique changes and possibilities that are out there.

Now available on Stitcher 

and SoundCloud

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Talent Search for Podcast and YouTube Live Show

Do you have a unique personality that you think would be interesting to on a podcast or on YouTube? A comedy bit you’d like to try out? Some writing you’d like to share? Maybe you have deep knowledge on a particular subject or want to join a panel discussion on a current event?

I started a program called GliderCell to give creative people, deep thinkers, musicians, artists, writers or anyone with original ideas and creations a chance to be heard. Sometimes the show dives into deep, philosophical things, but sometimes we might do improv and see what kinds of funny, or unique things we come up with. Would love to get actors, writers, comedians or humorists, musicians, college students with speech and debate experience, etc., on the show. If you’re interested, be over 18 and send some information about yourself along with links to your work or ideas to

Note: we’re shooting for the creative, educated and open minded community – People who might like John Oliver, NPR, Commonwealth Club, The Onion, Monty Python, Samantha Bee, TED talks, Radio Lab, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, SNL, Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, etc.

More info

Really excited to see what kind of talent is out there!
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