Friday, January 20, 2017

Recruiting for Experimental Music Group To Stretch Boundaries

If you're like me
Maybe you don't like the role of the musician as just technician

That there is something outside the notation and measures
and confines of the music that must be explored

And you believe there are forms of performance that are yet to be created

Things that might combine many art forms into one

New instrumentation
New forms of interaction between the instruments
New integrations between musicians, instruments and computer or smartphone apps

Maybe there are ways to present information alongside the music
So as to communicate ideas or philosophies or even humor

This is being put together randomly like this, because I'm not sure it can be expressed otherwise.

My musical background

I've performed on French Horn with the following groups at one point or another....

Cheyenne Symphony, Fort Collins Symphony, Faculty Brass Quintet (as undergrad at Colorado State), CSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Diablo Symphony, Napa Symphony, Zephyrus Brass Quintet, Carson Chamber Orchestra, Reno Philharmonic, Sierra Nevada Wind Orchestra.

Here is another sample -- rough, sketchy, altered, experimental as well (1st 40 seconds or so should give you a good idea. After that... not so good).

The selections below are just some things that seem cool. . . but I'm open to way more.

If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, maybe we could chat or share some musical / artistic ideas?

You can contact me through the contact form here

... or through Twitter @Lee_Chazen

Oh... and just scored some space at HackerLab for practice sessions and recordings!

    Sunday, August 28, 2016

    Enjoying the new Prisma app, while attempting dry humor...

    Mostly just having fun with the new Prisma app on my phone.

    But, I could also be making an important social commentary about consumerism?

    Friday, August 12, 2016

    An Introduction To GliderCell

    I've been working with others on a new concept.
    If you're ready for it.
    If you get it.
    If it sounds like you... then let's get the conversation started.
    The thing I'm working on is that -- we all want a better opportunity -- to participate, to do something more, to do better. But, if you are creative or "differently intelligent," you may not want to waste time and ideas on meaningless or unfulfilling projects. You want to do something where you can apply your talents. Most jobs don't let us do that and, on occasion, they actually discourage you from getting too creative! What?
    We are talking about a loose collaboration of dedicated and diversely talented or uniquely skilled people coming together to take on new projects. We are envisioning working together in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

    For more, please visit my Steemit blog post.  

    Thursday, August 11, 2016

    New "Sway" Portfolio

    I finally finished my new portfolio using Sway.

    I'm very happy with the results and how easy it is to drag and drop, import content from anywhere and share the final product. When you finish whatever project you're working on, you can easily post on From there, you just copy the embed code and post anywhere -- like right here, for example.

    If you come across this post and see something that lines up with what you're doing, let's talk. I basically work on creative content production across all disciplines.

    Outside of creative projects,  I specialize in designing educational programs. And, more specific than that, I work on visualizing new system designs for companies, startups, classrooms and schools. Thanks for dropping by!

    Sunday, July 24, 2016

    Music as Metaphor

    Music as metaphor
    Dissonance at the beginning
    Things are forming
    The primordial ooze, if you will
    The conductor pushes and molds
    The corps responds
    Everyone listening
    Then... wait for it...
    Power Chords!
    A perfect blend of sound, vibration, emotion and humanity!

    (start at 54 seconds)

    Courtesy of the Concord Blue Devils.

    Friday, July 22, 2016

    HikeStorming II -- The Sequel -- Remixed for Greater Meaning and Impact (we hope)

    This is a remixed / improved pitch video for the #ShootTheFuture project. The TV concept is about people rising up all over the world to offer real solutions to actual problems. It is based on the idea that "people in motion, " i.e. moving on trails, hiking or on urban hikes can help them to generate good thinking and a sense of belonging and empowerment. Hiking + Brainstorming = HikeStorming. The full slide how is here.

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