Lee Chazen

Areas where I can add value

  • Education: helping to increase productivity and engagement in the classroom by either teaching about or designing / developing game-based learning programs for schools.
  • Incentive Programs: helping to increase morale and productivity by designing / developing a gamification program for businesses, call centers, etc.
  • Business: providing access to the American consumer market for Chinese businesses by designing a content strategy and social media service.


I have a BA from Colorado State University, a teaching certification from the University of Nevada, Reno and master’s degree in education from California State University, Sacramento.

My focus in education has been mainly in game and project-based learning. While teaching, I worked with students and staff to develop an all game-based learning program called Global Challenge. After running this project in the classroom for seven years, I studied the phenomena of “self-organizing systems” and wrote my thesis paper on A Complex Adaptive Theory of Education.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve been applying many of the “emergent” principles I learned to a content strategy system. The idea is that, over time, a company’s message will improve to where it more perfectly matches what the customer or user wants or needs. The results of this program are very promising.

Ongoing projects include HikeStorming, a group that combines hiking with brainstorming and The GliderCell Podcast, an experimental show that explores creativity and thought experiments.

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