Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Underemployment, Universal Basic Income & Game B

On the next GliderCell podcast, we'll be talking about Underemployment, Universal Basic Income and a concept known as Game B.

Some of the questions to be explored include: 
  1. What do we mean by underemployment?
  2. Why are the best ideas and solutions not rising to the top?
  3. How can people with good ideas, e.g. introverts and non-aggressive types be heard or convince others?
  4. Can you be too intelligent or creative for the type of economic system we have in place?
  5. Does a person have to quit all the interesting, fun and enjoyable things they once loved in order to be fully employed in our present economy? 
  6. Why is this so difficult? 
  7. Why do artists and other creative or visionary types seemingly have to suffer in order to pursue their passion?

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