Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creativity Test

I'm interested to know how The Art Institute of Vancouver created this test (if, in fact, they are the ones who created it).  If you have a bit of free time, take the test and record your scores and thoughts about the test in the comment section.

Idea:  if you are a teacher, have your students take this test.  If the test indicates the student is highly creative, consider altering the way you evaluate their work, i.e. give them different options to demonstrate their knowledge on a certain subject.  Instead of taking a multiple choice test, the right brain student might prefer creating a multi-media presentation.  You might even have them design a right-brain oriented test... what better way to have them review and analyze course content.

Click the title above to go to the test.

1 comment:

Valentina said...

Thanks for the test, Lee! ;-)
It's very informative!
I scored 58% right brain and 42% left brain.. Which sounds good to me.. I thought I have more the "right" side...
Is that 50-50 would be ideal??? ;-)