Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Take the HikeStorming Challenge and Test Your Creativity!

Choose one of the following questions below.Think on it while hiking or doing another physical activity (walking, running, working out, etc.) Then, come back and impress the world with your ideas, revolutionary thoughts and / or breakthrough comedic twists.

Then, let’s see how this develops over time. Will your ideas resonate? Will they merge with others? Don’t you think it’s time a good idea went viral? Try it out. 

Don't forget to reference the question number in your answer and to post your answers here: HikeStorming Facebook Page

  1. If 3D printers start making other 3D printers, we’re all doomed. Is that scenario the beginning of the end or something good?
  2. If it’s true that music is the universal language, why aren’t we using it as such, for example in communications between international teams of  designers and engineers?
  3. They turned cheese into Cheese Whiz. What other food could they turn into “whiz” or “whiz-type” matter?
  4. Can the Quadratic Equation or any other common algebraic or geometric formula be replaced? How and why?
  5. Kirk or Pacard? Why?
  6. When you first learned to “solve for x” did your algebra teacher actually tell you what x meant? If not, why?
  7. If a hypochondriac is someone who is worried that they might be sick, what   do they call someone who is worried that they might be a hypochondriac?
  8. What two things have never been combined, but should be in order to form a new product or idea?
  9. In the Internet of things, if everything talks to everything else, could you be left out of the conversation?
  10. Can we crowd source emergencies, like finding missing planes? Should we?
  11. If you could do one thing right now that might alter the course of history, what would it be?
  12. How would you re-invent the shoe with unlimited resources and technology?
  13. If someone asks you what time it is, but fails to tell you when, should you assume it is from the moment they started asking?
  14. Using non-equilibrium thermodynamics as your guide, re-design how companies are set up to do business? Think bio-sphere and weather patterns.
  15. Is the English alphabet ready for disruption, i.e. is it sufficient as is, or could it be replaced?
  16. If you were to point out only one crucial thing that differentiates an iPhone from an Android phone, what would it be?
  17. Why didn’t velcro catch on? Was it the sound?
  18. If there is more “space” than solid objects, then why do we seemingly spend more time studying visible things rather than the space that connects them? 
  19. Can two contradictory things be true at the same time? If yes, what's an example?
  20. In the age of the Internet is basic memorization of content important? Why or why not?
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You can also find questions here: @zoidge @Lee_Chazen

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