Monday, June 09, 2014

What is the SmartEdPad?

Full disclosure: I'm now Content Strategist for SmartEdPad (by SPED K12, Inc.). As such, my job is to create a clear and understandable message about our product. I'm very happy in this new role since I believe this tool (the SmartEdPad) has the power to transform the way special education programs are administered. Beyond that, there's potential in the future for this technology to help with differentiated instruction in general education as well - as the SmartEdPad makes it easy to offer customized views for each student. And, unlike the iPad, this platform was designed to be dedicated so that students only see what the teacher or therapist wants them to see.

Our partner on this project, Maxit Media, did a terrific job of reducing the message about this product down to under 2 minutes. They created a great story-line, a simple message, introduced engaging graphics and nice sound effects. We appreciate their creativity, dedication and eye for detail!

This video will show you why we created the SmartEdPad and how it's helping people in the special education field. If you have further questions, please call us at 1-800-982-9430, or visit

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