Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Education Super Collider (Un) Conference

Imagine a super collision between all the forces driving innovation in the field of education. Imagine further if this were done in a way to encourage collaboration, creativity and the free exchange of new ideas. This is not a "sit in your seat and take notes" kind of conference. This is an (un) conference with both structured and non-structured segments. There will be presentations, action pitches, break-out sessions and panel discussions. In fact, by attending you'll be determining the outcome of this event. We wanted to design it in a way that matches the possibilities for the future of education - an event which is emergent, adaptive, experiential and curiosity-based. 

Brought to you by:  The Education Super Collider and Hacker Lab.

Sponsored in part by:  The Education Now 2012 Tele Symposium

Who is invited: Innovators, entrepreneurs, service providers, technology experts, educators and business developers, i.e. people who want to share new, disruptive technologies and ideas.


  • to introduce new concepts, innovations, applications to teachers at all levels
  • to give teachers a chance to share ideas that are working in their classrooms
  • to improve teaching / instruction and overall classroom performance
  • to help facilitate the growth of businesses in the educational space
  • to build collaborative networks

Format: It’s an “unconference” designed to allow a free and open exchange of ideas. Speakers can sign up before the event or upon registration and will be given anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes to make a presentation. There will be two break-out sessions or workshops during the day to allow for networking, collaboration, instruction, feedback from participants and the facilitation of ideas and plans.

Note: All major presentations (in the 8 to 15 minute range) must be pre-approved and will be considered on a first come-first served basis.

Speakers (who sign up before the event) get

  • a chance to debut your disruptive idea or product
  • two free tickets (one for you and a friend/ colleague)
  • name / company information on all marketing material
  • great networking and collaboration opportunities

Sponsors get

  • company information and links on all conference materials, including un-conference website
  • 4 free tickets to the event
  • an opportunity to present
  • booth space

Exhibitors get

  • booth space at the event
  • 3 free tickets
  • company information and links on all conference materials, including the un-conference website

Join us and get to your "next level" -- sign up today! Don't forget to tell a friend or colleague.

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