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Ideas for Improving Team and Personal Creativity Through Musical Improv by Feixing Tuang

This note came in from a fellow #HikeStormer, Feixing Tuang. We started corresponding soon after a Stanford Laptop Orchestra event and the ideas have taken on a life of their own. Her lesson or design seemed so unique and inspiring that I decided to share it both here and on the HikeStorming Facebook Page

The YouTube video above shows Feixing performing a piece for her mother. She also performs regularly at Kaiser hospital and is working on plans to create more therapeutic or healing types of music.

Hello Lee,

An idea came to my mind...I would love to share with you and see if you are interested in experimenting this in our Music sessions. 

I did some Sound IMPROV with my team at Cisco. This was my writeup of what we did:

"Stand in a circle. To warm up, someone in the circle starts saying gibberish to the next person. Feel free to act along while delivering the sounds to the next person.

The patterns continues around one circle.

Next, everyone takes 20 seconds to imagine the sound of "earth" quietly. At the count of 3, everyone makes the sound that they had in mind at the same time.

Next, take another 20 seconds to imagine the sound of "sun" quietly.  At the count of 3, everyone makes the sound of "sun."

The last round of improv is to express the sounds of "Universal love" or "creativity." Start with someone in the circle, pass the sounds to the person next to you."

The similar activity could be used for Music improvisation. We can pick ideas, concepts, and see what comes up in our improvisation.

For example, make the sound of "A person waking up in the morning" or "A person finding his flow."
We could start with a round in a circle, then we can layer our sounds on top of each other's sounds...

I think it will be very fun!!!

We could eventually make it a performance at different non-traditional venues too. What do you think?


Monday, February 02, 2015

Stanford Laptop Orchestra Concert Tonight

Looking forward to tonight's concert, featuring the #Stanford Laptop Orchestra --

works and performances by members of SideLObe: Romain Michon, Madeline Huberth, Hana Shin, Rob Hamilton, Chryssie Nanou, Alex Chechile, Kitty Shi, John Granzow, and Ge Wang.

More here: http://sidelobe.stanford.edu/ev...­

Sign up here: http://www.meetup.com/Silicon-Valley-HikeStorming/events/220146990/