What is GliderCell?

GliderCell is a new kind of think tank 

Dedicated to promoting creative and critical thinking across the spectrum -- introducing new ideas, products, systems, programs and even music.  We achieve this in new and different ways, like hiking and brainstorming -- something we call HikeStorming. We'll extract data, ideas and creativity in all kinds of ways and then release our material both here and on our podcast.

Some of the issues and topics we explore. 

What is GliderCell? 

The story of how the term came to be is something worse listening to. It's on Episode Zero of the GliderCell Podcast. 

But, you can read about it here too. 

GliderCell is the organization that gives voice or structure to these things. It incorporates HikeStorming, Global Challenge (game-based learning) as well as a content development organization. We basically take on projects that require deep thinking and creativity. For example, if you come to us with a question or problem in education, technology, system structure, design -- or something about a product, marketing, promotion or content strategy, we'll get a team together and work on it. We might discuss this on a hike and invite members of the community or get together in a round table discussion and work on it. From there, we'll either get you a report, recording of our discussion or will include this information (if you so choose) on our podcast. 

Since Patreon is set up for recurring monthly donations, we'd like to encourage you to choose one of our three options. But, if you prefer, just contact us at theglidercell@gmail.com and we can negotiate something more to your liking. 

Our IndieGogo page is under construction, but if you'd simply like to make a one time contribution to keep our projects alive, please consider that as well.

Current Projects

The GliderCell Podcast

It’s a mashup of thoughts, ideas, projects, plans and music — all of which explore the “space between,” the area we define as being between categories, fields of study or those areas not defined. You might call it the Internet “between” things. Interviews and conversations take place in person, over the phone and on hiking trails. 

HikeStorming is a new way to work on physical fitness while “extracting” some of your best thoughts and ideas.

On Facebook here. 
You can sign up here

And, You don’t need to live in Sacramento to be a member. You can join our online conversations or order materials to get it started in your community. 

The Global Challenge Project asks the question: what if students could create a game that teaches them everything they needed to know about history, geography, government, personal finance and more? What if they were to write up and answer their own questions? What if this game allowed students to think in a way that was natural for them and gave them permission to explore things that they were interested in? Some future plans here. 

Our goal is to get to $5k per month to pay all our costs for audio and video engineering, content editing, web development, stipends, salaries, etc. 

At the $5 Subscriber level -- you’ll get access to each podcast, new posts, notes, exclusive content (recordings, etc.,) as they happen. There are other ways to get involved too. Please visit our Patreon page for more information 

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