Friday, January 20, 2017

Seeking Partners, Co-Founders and Admin Support for New Ventures in Creative Content Dev., A Mobile Think Tank and Game-Based Learning

Simply put...

Overwhelmed with opportunities, contract work and bidding on projects — while also building a company website and brand for these projects. 

I’m the person on the creative, development and content production side. 

I need someone to come in where my skills fail — execution and organization. This is a very, very good opportunity for the right person!

I am looking for someone with the following skills, abilities and interests….
  • Loves the fast=paced startup / gig economy environment 
  • Can bring order to chaos
  • Thrives on details
  • Can see all the moving parts and make a priority list easily
  • Enjoys working around new ideas, innovations, technology and creative, visionary types. 

Helpful but not necessary

  • Web design and / or web development skills
  • Experience w/ UX - UI 

You would be potentially partnering in these areas 

  • Setting up and promoting events
  • Promoting meetings, products, website, etc. 
  • Collecting fees from members / clients
  • Invoicing and handling day-to-day admin
  • Handling email and inquiries
  • Setting up weekly schedule 

Pay available as work contracts come in. Also very open to the idea of providing equity / percentage of each business or project. 

Samples of Projects Here:

I developed a group and concept called HikeStorming, i.e. taking our conversations and collaboration to the outdoors while hiking. I recently took the UX Team from a major Silicon Valley company out on a hike and helped them to brainstorm a musical communication system to help with getting thoughts and ideas over to their engineering team in China (music, being the universal language)

More information about the group below: 

GliderCell is a program I launched as a way to 1.) promote new ideas that aren’t finding their way to the public (like new models to improve classrooms, schools, organizations or even governments) and 2.) help creative people to get their message out. 

Global Challenge is a program I started as a high school teacher — the purpose of which was to allow students to participate in both creating and playing a game that would teach them ALL of their course content. 

Thesis research on self-organizing systems  for possible entry into the X-Prize competition  

Experimenting with sounds and ideas for potential podcast..... 

This could turn into a partnership / Co-founder arrangement, or it could result in paid work. 

If you’re interested, send me some information about yourself, and if it matches up, let’s set up a time to meet either in person or by video chat. Open to virtual partnerships as well.  

You can respond in the comments section below or through the contact form on the HikeStorming presentation. 

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