Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More Famous Right Brainers

In her essay "Learning Styles of the Left and Right Hemispheres"  Michelle Morris provides a list of others who were likely right brained. 

Note:  to those new to the concept of "right-brained," this can be interpreted to mean that these people did not lack a left brain. Rather, It means that the right hemispheres of their brains were dominant.  In other words, they were and are big concept thinkers, innovators and non-linear thinkers. 

The list includes:  

Thomas Edison
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
Pablo Picasso
Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Run
Walt Disney
General George Patton
Nelson Rockefeller
Hans Christian Anderson
Leonardo da Vinci
Sir Winston Churchill
Benjamin Franklin
John F. Kennedy
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
John Lennon
Louis Pasteur
Orville and Wilber Wright
Alexander Graham Bell
Ludwig Van Beetoven
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Vincent Van Gogh
Agatha Christie
Ernest Hemmingway
Mark Twain
Anna Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
King Gustav IV of Sweden
Albert Einstein
Marie and Pierre Curie
Galileo Galilei
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Abraham Lincoln
Steven Spielberg
Bill Gates 


mhikl said...

Bill Gates? Are you serious. Based on this error, these others are only guesses.

Gates is a far left brain thinker who knew how to take the efforts of right brain thinkers and make something of them. This is often what happens.

Steve Jobs is also a left brain thinker but also has right brain thinking skills so he probably pegs out in the middle. He took the Woz designs and figured out how to make them practical and profitable. But he could also look at a design and figure out why it would work or not.

Gates and his initiatives for the most part were failures. For example, his approach to the tablet and the Milan scream "no sense of finesse.

Leonard was probably a right brain genius but he also knew how to plan. His designs were definitely outside the box of the times. He also could manage his affairs really well so he, like Jobs had very well developed skills from both sides.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this summary. I lost respect for the list when I saw Gates in there.

Anonymous said...

Good post Mihikl,

Bill Gates should not be on the list. Regarding daily life: Many extreme right-brained individuals, have someone that is helping them with basic stuff of everyday life. I am extreme right-brained. Without my wife helping me in the background, I'll just ignore things like bills, cleaning, etc. That person is critical in our life (and rarely get the credit they deserve for the support of that individual), since without that person everything may simply 'fall apart'. Most extreme right-brainers do not have any comprehension of money, it seems that we don't care about money, more a lack of understanding. Seems I'm always working for free. Usually, very non materialistic. We got our books, guitar, piano, whatever. Those are your prized tools, you'll take them where-ever you go. Many die poor like those extreme right-brainiers before us. A balance between art and work is very important to keep your sanity. You don't want this! One problem is your powerful intuition and hyper perception, you can see 'right-through' to the ugliness all around. The world is so ugly you'll be battling depression, addiction, many on that list were also bipolar. Extreme right-brained - where absurdity, insanity,and genius all meet.

Anonymous said...

To me Edison and Patton really stand out as not being right brained.

Anonymous said...

To me Edison and Patton really stand out as not being right brained.

Anonymous said...

I say Bill Gates is a 50/50 if anything. ....he had the equal parts of creativity and ingenious thinking ... the best of both worlds